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Mohammad Faisal bin Abu Suaib Khan: Wish one day we can go to Bali not through air but through train


Editor's Note: Mohammad Faisal bin Abu Suaib Khan currently serves as executive secretary of the UMNO Malaysia Election Department. Throughout his tenure at UMNO Malaysia Headquarters, Mohammad Faisal has held several key positions, including Head of Department for Social Media at Barisan Nasional and Secretary for Barisan Nasional Pacaba during the 15th General Election.


2024 is anniversary 50 years between Malaysia and China diplomatic. We hope that this will rise and will continue further. To increase the tapestry of world progress, high quality development emerged as a beacon plan of hope and prosperity. As we embark journey outline China's 14th Five-Year Plan, we recognize the paramount importance of opening up to the world.

A fundamental principle that underpins our path to modernization. Indeed, high quality development serves as both catalyst and a compass guiding us toward a better future, a future characterised by sustainable growth, shared prosperity and mutual benefit.

I wish to spotlight the transformative aspect of Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) to create the Trans Nusantara Train. A visionary project that embodies the spirit of collaboration and protest. Imagine a seamless transportation network stretching from Bali to Jawa Island. Traversing bridges and railways that extend to Sumatera and beyond culminating in Malacca. A bustling hub of trade and commerce. This ambitious infrastructure and rural hall promise to unlock new economic opportunities, catalyse investment and enhances regional connectivity.

Second, to this master plan is the vital role of Kuala Lumpur, a strategic nexus that bridges East and West, North and South. Kuala Lumpur emerged not only as a sub of transportation but also a centre of innovation and progress. From Kuala Lumpur, we can connect to Singapore with high-speed rail. From Kuala Lumpur, we even can connect directly to access to Kunming, China. So, our proposal is a transportation hub from Bali to Malacca and from Malacca to Kuala Lumpur and Kuala Lumpur direct to China. One day we can go to Bali not through air but through train. So, that's a big idea from Malaysia.

(The article reflects the author's opinions and not necessarily the views of China-ASEAN Observation. If you have a specific expertise, or would like to share your thought, please send us your writings at

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