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The Insights into Region.

Understanding China-ASEAN dynamic through in-depth interviews in China-ASEAN development and latest comments from the experts.

Hosted by China Center for International Communication Development(CCICD), China-ASEAN Observation is dedicated to providing in-depth and comprehensive information for China and China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), focusing on the current and future prospect of the China-ASEAN region and covering trending topics such as China-ASEAN ties, regional peace and security, economic and trade exchanges, South China Sea cooperation, scientific and technological innovation, cultural tourism, etc.





The China Center for International Communication Development (CCICD) is anew organization specializing in international communication and exchanges under the umbrella of China International Communications Group (CICG).With the purpose of contributing to the innovative development of international communication, the CCICD is committed to presenting China to the world and enhancing China’s national image with multi-dimensional communication methods such as digital publishing, film and TV, research and consulting, and international cultural exchange. With support from the State Council Information Office, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other Chinese government departments, the CCICD has carried out extensive cooperation with Chinese and foreign embassies and consulates, international organizations, media outlets, think tanks, enterprises, local governments and other institutions, aiming to build an integrated international communication platform for promoting friendly exchanges and mutual learning between China and foreign countries.


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